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The advertising kitchen

Creativity &Design, Marketing Strategy &Planning., Brand Building., Corporate Identity design, Creative Concepts., Media Planning.


Mohammed Omar

Founder & CEO

Mai Samir

Head of Marketing

Reham Samir

Head of Social Media

Our tasks:

- Evaluates and obtains agreement on brand strategies that meet corporate objectives in respect of sales value, volume, quality of market. share and contribution and cover product, price, packaging, communication.

- Branding , Development Brand & Recycling Brand Specialist.

- Campaigns, Plans, Flash mob "Roadshow", photo sessions, Studio, Packaging, Every thing about advertising & Social media Campaigns.

- Designs, Color Separation, Printing, After Print Service.

- Discuss ways of contact information direct by internet.

- Discuss ways to coordinate the conference.

Our teamwork skills:

- Great command of industry standard programs.

- Strong understanding of PC & Mac platforms.

- Continually searching for more responsibility, self motivated, Enthusiastic & reliable.

- Work well as a part of team; collaborate with colleagues skill fully.

- Highly motivated self-starter.

- Strong interpersonal skills.

- Excellent Interpersonal And Communication Skills.

- Maintained Excellent Public Relations.

- Able To Work in a Team Environment.

- Hardworking, Reliable And Conscientious.

- Able To Work Well Under Pressure.


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